Oh No, Not The Red Box!

Clutter, clutter, clutter…we all have it but what to do with it? I seem to collect my mail, children’s school papers, and receipts into a pile. My pile grows and grows until it is about to collapse. At that point I finally take the time to sort my pile into three categories: urgent, important, and need to take care of at some point.

The urgent and important usually get handled in a timely manner but the ‘need to take care of at some point’ pile goes to the RED STORAGE BOX! Everyone in my family knows if anything makes it to the storage box it most likely will not surface for a good six months at least.

So how do we avoid the RED box? Set aside 10 minutes everyday to sort mail, children’s school papers, and misc papers. Commit to at least once a week to handle the entire pile…avoid the RED box!

Happy organizing!

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You’ve Decided to Sell Your House…Now What?

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and your goal is to sell for the highest possible price in the shortest timeframe. So you need to make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. Buyers purchase more homes based on emotion than logic. You need to create an environment that the buyer can connect with.
Here are 5 simple steps to prepare the exterior of your home for showing:
1. Improve the Landscaping: If the curb appeal makes a great first impression, the buyer will want to see the rest of the home. Plant seasonal flowers, trim bushes, weed flowers beds, and cut the grass.
Salem Avenue Renovation traditional exterior
2. Clean the Outside: You want to let the buyers know your house has been well taken care of…so clean gutters, powerwash sidewalks, patios and exterior of the house.
3. Make Repairs: Buyers notice the smallest defects inside and out. Make a list of all the repairs and prioritize which ones need to be taken care of first. Work down the list until repairs have been made. You don’t want to discourage buyers with water leaks or roof damage.
4. Make Your Entryway Inviting: You want buyers to feel at home. Declutter your porch, sweep and remove all cobwebs, refinish or paint exterior door if it looks tired, replace doorbells, add greenery and flowers.
Entry traditional entry
5. Welcome Mat: Buy a new mat to make buyers feel welcome in the home.
Entry traditional entry
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